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Dr.Joe Massey, Servy Massey Fertility Institute

Beyond Mini IVF: Natural IVF

A new study of natural cycle IVF has been published from Japan. This involves egg retrievals done in an office setting with a very small 21-gauge needle and without anesthesia.

Dr.Joe Massey, Servy Massey Fertility Institute

A Great Day at SMFI

At Servy Massey Fertility Institute, we feel honored to be part of our patients’ fertility journeys. Tuesday was one of those great days with a range of good news patients!

Dr. Edouard Servy, Servy Massey Fertility Institute

Preserving Fertility in Women Facing Cancer

In 2012, about 80,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in women of reproductive age in the USA. Strategies for fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment depend on a patient’s age, the type and urgency of treatment.


Why Recognize National Infertility Awareness Week?

Why do we recognize National Infertility Awareness Week® (NIAW)? It is a movement that began in 1989 with the goal to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and encourage the public to understand their reproductive health.