Patient Success Stories

Red Barrett holds her pregnant belly; after more than five years of waiting, she and her husband are finally expecting thanks to SMFI's affordable IVF program.

Affordable IVF Helps Build New Family

Red and Thomas Barrett were ready to have a baby, but had problems conceiving. Finally, after five years of trying, Red decided that they needed to get some help.

Holly and Ryan Weaver

Infertility: “I was the one in eight”

Research shows that one in eight couples experience infertility. While I struggled for six long years to have a baby, my friends could sit in a room with their husbands and get pregnant.

Sam and Cade were born with the help of IVF.

IVF: Overcoming Ovarian Cancer

After more than a year of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts and repeated treatments for recurring pelvic and bladder infections, my local gynecologist referred my husband and I to Dr. Edouard Servy, of the Servy Massey Fertility Institute.