Patient Testimonials

Maria S. Testimonial

Maria S.

IVF patient, Maria, shares her journey through PCOS, endometriosis. Visiting several Georgia doctors and experiencing miscarriages along the way, Dr. Massey & Dr. Servy helped her family to conceive.

Douglas Testimonial

Douglas C.

My wife and I started trying to conceive over eight years ago. With Servy Massey’s help we beat the odds and my wife gave birth to our son in January 2014!

Bower Baby

Heather B

IVF Patient, Heather, shares her story of conceiving on her first round of IVF at Servey Massey Fertility. Read her story or contact us to learn more about IVF.

Reece Jacobs

Shawne J.

The personalized care we received would make us recommend Servy Massey to anyone — even if cost was not a concern!


Allison B.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years when we finally turned to Servy Massey. Dr. Massey and his staff were incredible. After our very first consultation we knew we had found our doctor.


The Brooks Family

We tried to have a baby for seven long years and after losing both my fallopian tubes, IVF was our only hope. We only could do it if it was affordable and Dr. Massey’s office was really the only one we found.

Joanna and James baby photo

Joanna & James G.

We are so thankful to have found Servy Massey Fertility Institute online when we searched “low cost IVF centers” on Google. We have beautiful twins because of it!

Chris & Amy with baby Gaby

Chris & Amy

Thank you Dr. Massey and the staff at Servy Massey for making this such a great experience that we WANT to do it again!

Sylvia & Oriol

Sylvia’s Story: Single Mother By Choice

My career as a veterinarian never allowed me the time for serious relationships, so I never had any children. Suddenly, when I was 43-years old, the alarm clock in my body got my attention and I knew that I wanted to have a baby.

dad with baby

Jennifer & Neil T.

We found Dr. Massey and the low-cost Servy Massey Fertility Institute AFTER we had already spent $35,000 at a full-price fertility clinic with no success and disappointment!