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Writing blogs is a way for the doctors at Servy Fertility Institute and Massey Fertility Services to have an informal conversation with our patients on a variety of topics – more than 120 to date. From 2011’s “Diminished Ovarian Reserve: Blame It on Your Daddy” to 2016’s “Q&A on Sex Selection of Embryos,” our doctors’ blogs have covered a lot of ground.

Our doctors are IVF pioneers who have been practicing medicine for nearly 30 years. During this time, Dr. Joe Massey (Atlanta) and Dr. Edouard Servy (Augusta) have helped thousands of couples build families.

In their blogs the doctors use their personal insight and expertise to examine the science, ethics and surprising facts surrounding fertility and infertility treatments. Here you will find in-depth answers to an array of fertility questions, explained in clear terms from a specialist’s point of view.

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Preserving Fertility in Women Facing Cancer

In 2012, about 80,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in women of reproductive age in the USA. Strategies for fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment depend on a patient’s age, the type and urgency of treatment.