Dr. Massey Discusses Egg Donation Options on “Creating a Family” Radio Show

Dr. Joe Massey recently discussed the ins and outs of egg donation options with Dawn Davenport, executive director of Creating a Family. The podcast covered these topics: the very first study using donor eggs, how the egg donation process works for the donor and recipient, and how the process has changed over time.

Previously, the egg donor and recipient would coordinate their medication stimulation cycles so the eggs could be fertilized and transferred immediately, which is a process known as a fresh embryo transfer. Dr. Massey explains that this method isn’t often used in clinics due to the difficulty to anticipate the number of eggs the donor will produce.

Advances in egg freezing technology have allowed for the development of egg banks, where eggs can be frozen and thawed reliably. These eggs are now quickly available to individuals looking to conceive –– they no longer have to wait to coordinate cycles with their preferred donor. Egg freezing and egg banking have made the use of an egg donor more cost-effective for individuals and couples looking to conceive with the help of a donor.