Dr. Servy Shares When to Consider Freezing Eggs with MomsEveryday

In an interview with Angie Doolittle of MomsEveryday, Dr. Edouard Servy explained the ideal age for conceiving and when women should start thinking about freezing eggs. He noted, “The chances of [pregnancy] success are very good until the age of 36 or 37. After that, the ovarian reserve goes down and the chances are not as good.”

Many women don’t consider having a baby until after they are done with school and well-established in a career, which can sometimes mean they’re trying to get pregnant outside the window of optimal fertility. Dr. Servy advised that women who want to postpone having children until after their mid-30s should consider egg freezing. He also said that age isn’t the only reason women may choose to freeze their eggs. For those about to undergo certain kinds of medical treatments, like chemotherapy, egg freezing can help preserve their fertility until they’re ready to have a baby.