Dr. Servy Explains the Origins of Low-Cost IVF Program

Dr. Eduoard Servy spoke with Angie Doolittle of MomsEveryday about when it might be time to pursue IVF and how the Servy Massey Fertility Institute developed its low-cost IVF program. After practicing infertility medicine for over 30 years, Dr. Servy and Dr. Joe Massey realized that the cost of IVF was prohibitively expensive. They formed their own practice with the determination to make treatment more accessible and affordable for everyone. Now, some people travel hours in order to receive treatment from the two physicians.

“We are not cutting corners, we are still practicing the same medicine and doing the same IVF we did before. We just take less profit,” Dr. Servy said of the reduced price program. He estimated that most people save between $5,000-10,000 on IVF when they choose the Servy Massey Fertility Institute over competing clinics.