Dr. Edouard Servy Chronicles His Life and Work in New Memoir

Dr. Servys Memoir Titled From Casablanca To The Carolinas | Servy Massey Fertility Institute | Augusta, GADr. Edouard Servy has transitioned from medical researcher and doctor to auto-biographer with his recently published memoir, From Casablanca to the Carolinas. The book follows Dr. Servy from his childhood in his native country of France through his early career in reproductive endocrinology, which was at the time an emerging science, in Augusta, Georgia.

Dr. Servy’s journey from the lavender fields of France to the dry planes of Casablanca, Morocco, to the rolling hills of Augusta, Georgia, is one of self-discovery. In these formative years, he develops a love for rugby and unknowingly takes his first steps as a pioneer in the world of reproductive medicine. From Casablanca to the Carolinas closely follows Dr. Servy’s adventures, including his move to Georgia in 1969 for a research fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology at the Medical College of Georgia, where he studied under fellow pioneers Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt and Dr. Virendra Mahesh.

For Dr. Servy, this book is a true celebration of his life, love for America, and enthusiasm for science. As contributor and editor Tom Turner, explains, “Not since the Marquis de Lafayette has America had a greater, more loyal enthusiastic friend and supporter. And you can run that up the flagpole!”

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