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LGBT Family Building: What if We Both Want the Joy of Making our Baby?
LGBT Family Building: What if We Both Want the Joy of Making our Baby?

LGBT Family Building: What if We Both Want the Joy of Making our Baby?

LGBT family building has new options.

LGBT family building has come a long way. Lesbian couples who would like to share the advantages of having both partners participate in the creation of a child can do IVF. One partner provides the eggs, the other provides the womb. One is the genetic mother, the other the gestational mother. This is called reciprocal IVF or co-IVF.

Obviously, donor insemination – in which one partner uses her eggs and donor sperm to carry a child – is much simpler. However, having both partners participate in creating their family is a common choice and one we certainly support.

Some same-sex female couples have worked out the roles within the situation themselves. In this situation, typically, one woman relishes the idea of carrying a child more than the other. Sometimes there is a medical reason that prevents one from carrying. On the other hand, sometimes both women are willing to become pregnant. If they are, we help our patients analyze all of the factors so they can make the best decision.

Needless to say, age and health of both female partners are important considerations. We also look at predicted fertility based on the new standard female testing, the blood test AMH and the ultrasound test called the antral follicle count (AFC). These tests can sometimes identify the fact that one of the partners is far more likely to succeed than the other. We will also consider additional tests, such as HSG, if either female partner’s medical history indicates the need.

When pursuing LGBT family building through fertility treatments, it is a good idea to go through psychological counseling with a specialist in reproductive issues in addition to getting your doctor’s advice to review all options and discussing any emotional concerns with your partner.

If you would like to explore building your LGBT family, you may click here to contact us or schedule an appointment.

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