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Massey Fertility Services becomes Pathways Fertility

Massey Fertility Services Proudly becomes Pathways Fertility

Massey Fertility and Dr. Joe Massey and Dr. N. Edward Dourron have joined forces to continue offering low cost fertility options for their patients, becoming Pathways Fertility.

We now offer Natural IVF and Mini Stim IVF, and minimally invasive robotic surgery in our menu of services.

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Offering More IVF Options to our Patients

We are excited to expand our services to include single cycles and 3-cycle packages of both Natural IVF and Mini Stim IVF. These gentler forms of IVF are excellent for tubal factor infertility, diminished ovarian reserve, PCOS, and women over 40.

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What is Natural IVF?

Natural IVF is a gentle, holistic way to approach IVF. Instead of aggressively stimulating the ovaries with high dose medication and then doing an egg retrieval, we can use Natural IVF to achieve similar outcomes at a lower cost. In our recommended 3-cycle packages, we retrieve eggs during your natural cycle. Oftentimes, we find that the ovaries produce higher quality eggs when they are not over stimulated. And the retrievals require no anesthesia for most women.


What is Mini Stim IVF?

Mini Stim IVF is simply a hybrid of Natural IVF. We use oral medications combined with low-dose injected medications as an alternative to the typical high-dose injected medications. The result is often fewer, but higher quality eggs.  Medication cost averages approximately $1,200 instead of three times that amount in standard IVF. And, like Natural IVF, for most women, anesthesia is not needed for retrieval.

What Kinds of Robotic Surgery are Available?

Minimally invasive fertility surgery includes diagnosing and treating endometriosis, removing fibroids, tubal ligation reversal, and Essure removal. Since we have our own surgical center, you do not even have to go to the hospital for your procedure.

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Happy to help

We are excited about Massey Fertility becoming Pathways Fertility and the expansion of our services! We look forward to hearing from you if you would like to learn more!

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