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Prior to your appointment, please login to the patient portal and create an account so that you can complete the patient information and insurance forms. Be as open and honest as you can on the forms, as it will help us develop your treatment plan.

Informed consent for IVF

If undergoing IVF, or similar treatment, please download the IVF Informed Consent document and read carefully prior to your appointment, and bring the paperwork with you on your visit.

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Required paperwork for patients at our Augusta clinic

If you have made an appointment at our Augusta clinic, please complete the following paperwork and mail or fax it to our clinic before your appointment.

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Augusta clinic contact information

Servy Massey Fertility Institute
812 Chafee Avenue
Augusta, GA 80904
Phone: 706-724-0228
Fax: 706-722-2387

Thank you in advance for you cooperation!

Online resources

You might find the booklet, “Half Science Half Miracle” helpful as a guide to fertility treatment. For information on specific services or conditions, please visit our informational pages.

Below are links to some of the topics on our website.

  • Our services: Learn more about the services we offer, including low-cost IVF, fertility surgery, IUI, surrogacy/gestational carriers, egg donation and more.
  • Fertility library: Read up on issues that can cause or contribute to infertility in our library of educational articles.
  • Doctor blog: Get the news on the latest developments in reproductive health and infertility treatment from the experts.

ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) also provides a number of useful online articles and resources that can help you learn more about your reproductive health.

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