IVF Pricing, Costs and Financing

The team at Servy Massey Fertility Institute believes that everyone should have the opportunity to build a family. We are committed to eliminating hidden costs and unnecessary testing and only recommend assisted reproduction when conventional treatment fails or is not an option. In an effort to make advanced fertility treatment more accessible for patients, SMFI has developed a program that provides IVF treatment at a reduced price. Patients who pursue treatment at our practice will receive exceptional fertility care for almost half the cost offered at most other clinics nationwide.

Fresh IVF cycle – $8,940

Our price for a fresh IVF Cycle is $8,940. Pricing includes blood work, ultrasounds, retrieval, transfer, ICSI and assisted hatching.

Cryopreservation and 6 months of embryo storage – $910

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Financing IVF treatment

Financing Treatment with Prosper HealthCare Lending

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IVF medication  – $3,500-$5,000

The Compassionate Care Program

Looking to save on your fertility medication? The Compassionate Care Program provides significant savings (average savings per patient is $1,275) onIVF medication for eligible patients.

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First Steps Program

Take your first steps toward saving on IVF medication. Through the First Steps Program, qualified self-pay patients can receive an additional 25%, 50%,or 75% on already low DesignRx prices on Follistim AQ, Ganirelix and Pregnyl.
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