Egg Donor Options & Pricing

Low-Cost Donor Egg Treatment

The egg donation process is used by 10 percent of couples who go through IVF (in vitro fertilization). Egg donors are most commonly used for older patients, but can be used for younger women in a variety of circumstances. For many couples, it marks a new and more hopeful chapter in a long saga of treatment.

The decision to use an egg donor is highly complex. If you have not been seeing a counselor, we recommend engaging one at this time. There are many complex issues which are raised regarding your personal lives. Information regarding identity issues of children will need to be addressed.

The success rate for egg donation is higher than any other assisted reproduction treatment, since the eggs are always obtained from qualified young women.

Options and costs include:

Option A: Solo match $26,500

Option A includes a complete donor treatment cycle with a specific donor. You would receive all the eggs from this donor. The benefit of this approach is that you would be highly likely to have frozen embryos which would enable you to have more than one child from one donation cycle. Alternatively, if you do not conceive in the first attempt, the frozen embryos give you a second chance to conceive.

The success rates are in the 50 to 60 percent range for the fresh cycle, if two (2) embryos are replaced. For older women, we highly recommend replacing only one (1) embryo.

Option B: Egg Donor Alliance

Another option for people who need an egg donor is Egg Donor Alliance (EDA). This is a hybrid egg donation center associated with our clinic which partners with select IVF centers around the world. Egg Donor Alliance has Hispanic, black and white egg donors from the U.S. as well as white donors from Estonia, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. They also have donors from hard-to-find ethnicities such as Thai, Cambodian and Indian.

The prices vary but are less expensive than the typical U.S. egg donor agency. EDA guarantees 3 blastocysts, offering approximately double the value of egg banks.*

This is how it works using our overseas donors:

  1. You choose your donor.
  2. Your sperm is sent to our partner clinic associated with your donor.
  3. The donor’s eggs are fertilized with your sperm.
  4. The frozen embryos are returned to our clinic. EDA guarantees at least 3 blastocysts or a pregnancy.
  5. The intended mother has the embryo transfer in our lab or in an IVF facility near her.

For more information, contact Egg Donor Alliance.

*Savings compared with fresh egg donors are even more dramatic.

If you are considering using donor eggs to conceive, contact us to schedule an appointment with our fertility specialists in Atlanta or Augusta, Georgia, to get started.