Office Hysteroscopy Can Improve Pregnancy Rates

Office Hysteroscopy Can Improve Pregnancy Rates - A woman viewing her pregnancy test

What is an Office Hysteroscopy? Office hysteroscopy is a safe and simple procedure using a very thin fiber optic camera that allows the physician to conveniently evaluate the uterine cavity. The benefits for both the patient and the physician include a timelier diagnosis while affording the convenience of not going to a surgery center or […]

E-Newsletter March 2021

Our March 2021 E-Newsletter

We send out periodic emails with information about upcoming events, treatments that are available, as well as success stories we want to share. This email was sent in March 2021.  If you would like to receive these updates, click here to fill out the form. We look forward to staying in touch! Click here to […]

Which IVF is right for me?

Which IVF is right for me?

Natural IVF? Mini Stim IVF? Conventional IVF? When you come in for your consult about IVF with our team, we will take into account your goals, your fertility and medical history, and your exam to help you decide the best path moving forward. We offer personalized, Conventional IVF, as well as Mini Stim IVF and […]

Recurrent Miscarriage

recurrent miscarriage

About Recurrent Miscarriage Miscarriages are common; approximately 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. However, when a woman has lost two or more pregnancies, most commonly in the first part of the pregnancy, it is considered recurrent pregnancy loss. She should consult a fertility doctor to try to determine if there are underlying causes. While some […]

After IVF

pregnancy test

Once IVF is completed, the next steps include transferring embryos, pregnancy tests, and ultrasounds. Number of embryos transferred Why choose a single embryo transfer? Science says so. There is research that now shows that single embryo transfers lower the risk of having a baby with cerebral palsy. Learn why we encourage our patients to choose […]

Vasectomy Reversal: 3 Things that May Surprise You

Vasectomy Reversal: 3 Things that May Surprise You

Vasectomy reversal is not a guarantee for getting pregnant Men who have had a vasectomy may consider a reversal by a specialized urologist. There are a couple of major factors which will predict the pregnancy rate following vasectomy reversal. One is called Obstructive Interval, referring to the number of years since the vasectomy. The pregnancy rates are […]

From the First Test Tube Baby to IVF Daily: Celebrating an IVF Pioneer

From the First Test Tube Baby to IVF Daily: Celebrating an IVF Pioneer

“Test tube baby” isn’t a term we use any more, but that’s where it all started. It is hard to imagine, now that it seems like there are fertility centers in every part of the country, what IVF was like as a fledgling science. When this new frontier was starting, many people dismissed the pioneers […]

Pathways Fertility: A Great Day in the Office

Pathways Fertility: A Great Day in the Office

At Pathways Fertility, we feel honored to be part of our patients’ fertility journeys. Sharing in the excitement and happiness that comes with a successful test result, conception or birth is extremely rewarding. We had one of those great days this week with a range of good news with patients! First, one patient called to […]

82.5% Identify Financial Concerns as Biggest Cause of Anxiety for IVF Patients

financial concerns

Financial concerns is a primary worry. An overwhelming majority of patients list cost as number one on their worry list. Only a small minority of the world’s population is assured free or reduced cost access to infertility treatments. An international survey of IVF costs and benefits to society pointed out that U.S. costs for IVF […]