Answering 4 Questions about Surrogacy

Answering Questions about Surrogacy

What is surrogacy? Surrogacy is the arrangement by which a woman conceives, carries and delivers a child for another couple or individual. This woman is known as a surrogate mother or a gestational carrier. The gestational carrier enters into a legal arrangement that declares she is not the mother of the child she is bearing, […]

Gestational Carriers: 6 of the Important Criteria Considered

Criteria for Gestational Carriers

When selecting a woman to be a gestational carrier, there are many considerations. These are exceptional women who are willing to make this commitment, and they must pass a number of screening criteria. Some of the selection criteria are subjective. They depend on an evaluation by the experts at the agency and the medical staff. […]

Surrogacy Agencies Ensure a Smooth Experience to Patients

Surrogacy Agencies Ensure a Smooth Experience to Patients

Surrogacy agencies/gestational carrier agencies are key in navigating all of the important twists and turns on this path. Surrogacy is a complex method of family building. However it is not common that a couple requires this service. It can be used when a woman has no uterus or a uterus unfit for pregnancy. Certain medical […]