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Surrogacy Agencies Ensure a Smooth Experience to Patients
Surrogacy Agencies Ensure a Smooth Experience to Patients

Surrogacy Agencies Ensure a Smooth Experience to Patients

Surrogacy agencies/gestational carrier agencies are key in navigating all of the important twists and turns on this path.

Surrogacy is a complex method of family building. However it is not common that a couple requires this service. It can be used when a woman has no uterus or a uterus unfit for pregnancy. Certain medical conditions that could potentially lead to severe risks to the mother may also require use of a gestational carrier. Same-sex couples often utilize carriers as well.

Surrogacy management services, provided by experts in the field of gestational carriers, help to minimize risks with thorough candidate screening and proper information. Since Georgia is a “surrogacy-friendly” state, patients travel from neighboring states and other countries to benefit from surrogacy, when necessary.

There are several qualified surrogacy agencies in Georgia. Here are some of the services they provide to ensure smooth experience:

  • Screening to check potential surrogates’ qualifications for this extremely delicate and important role.
  • Review health and maternity insurance as viable possibilities to assist in the procedure costs.
  • Attend appointments with the gestational carrier and physicians.
  • Recommend and coordinate appropriate psychological counselors and attorneys who specialize in this complicated field. The number of psychological counselors and legal professionals who are qualified is limited.
  • Mediate between the surrogate, future parents and professionals.
  • Manage escrow funds for surrogate expenses.
  • Arrange accommodations and make travel arrangements for the gestational carrier and intended parents.
  • Facilitate arrangements with a suitable IVF center.

Surrogacy agencies also provide recommendations for the arrival of the baby and to prepare for this wonderful event.

Our doctors have many years of experience with surrogacy. Our management of these complex situations is personal to each unique situation and is provided in a warm and caring environment.

Our goal is to keep the cost as low as possible in all phases of the journey. We provide a low-cost evaluation of surrogates and our low-cost IVF treatment is full service: no corners are cut and the success rates are excellent. For a recommendation of the surrogacy agencies that we work with the most, or for an appointment to learn more about our process, please contact us.

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