Office Hysteroscopy Can Improve Pregnancy Rates

Office Hysteroscopy Can Improve Pregnancy Rates - A woman viewing her pregnancy test

What is an Office Hysteroscopy? Office hysteroscopy is a safe and simple procedure using a very thin fiber optic camera that allows the physician to conveniently evaluate the uterine cavity. The benefits for both the patient and the physician include a timelier diagnosis while affording the convenience of not going to a surgery center or […]

Recurrent Miscarriage

recurrent miscarriage

About Recurrent Miscarriage Miscarriages are common; approximately 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. However, when a woman has lost two or more pregnancies, most commonly in the first part of the pregnancy, it is considered recurrent pregnancy loss. She should consult a fertility doctor to try to determine if there are underlying causes. While some […]

2 Miscarriage Misconceptions Explained

2 Miscarriage Misconceptions Explained

Most people believed miscarriages to be less common than they are. According to a survey, there are a number of misconceptions about miscarriage. The majority of people who responded to the survey believed miscarriages are far less common than they are, and while most people knew the usual causes of pregnancy loss, a large number […]

2 Unhelpful Myths About Recurrent Miscarriage

2 Myths About Recurrent Miscarriage

Recurrent Miscarriage: There’s lots of noise in the blogosphere with no science behind it Recurrent pregnancy loss is a very frustrating condition, especially when the cause cannot be determined through testing. Immunological experts doctors Alecsandru and Garcia-Velasco of Carlos University in Madrid, Spain, recently pointed out in Human Reproduction that there is confusion regarding immune testing and […]

Can a Pregnancy Jeopardized by Miscarriage Be Saved?

Can a Pregnancy Jeopardized by Miscarriage Be Saved?

Many patients who have bleeding or cramping in early pregnancy can still have a normal pregnancy. However, perhaps half the time a miscarriage, or unexpected loss of the pregnancy, can occur. Thus bleeding is a sign that that should be observed diligently. In the past, before the mechanisms of pregnancy loss were understood, it was […]

Research Reveals Benefits to Genetic Testing in Patients 35 Years Old and Older

Research Reveals Benefits to Genetic Testing in Patients 35 Years Old and Older

Genetic testing (PGT, formerly known as PGD or PGS) can result in higher pregnancy rates for women 35+ years old. Every year the top minds in fertility join at the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ARSM) conference where many innovative papers are presented, the most prestigious of which is the Oral Abstract Prize Paper. In […]

Be Proactive, Like Michelle Obama

Take a lesson from the former first lady, Michelle Obama, and be proactive when it comes to your reproductive health, especially if you’ve experienced a miscarriage. This one’s for the ladies from a fine role model: be proactive about seeking fertility care. Michelle Obama has disclosed in her memoir “Becoming” that she had in vitro fertilization […]