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I Felt Like I Was Visiting Friends

"They were genuinely compassionate about our situation and listened to our concerns and opinions. His laid back personality put us at ease and was a stark contrast to the other doctors we had seen who were always rushed, condescending, and egotistical."

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly 5 years when we finally turned to Dr. Massey. Dr. Massey and his staff were incredible. After our very first consultation we knew we had found our doctor.

Despite being a very difficult case for him, Dr. Massey kept a positive attitude and encouraged us every step of the way to do the same. The nurses and lab tech staff were always so encouraging and personal. At every appointment I felt like I was visiting friends.

We successfully conceived and our son was born in August. We owe it all to Dr. Massey, his staff and the staff at the lab. We will always be grateful! I highly recommend anyone going through this very difficult journey to consider this infertility clinic.

-Allison B.

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