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We Were Dealing with Male Factor Infertility

"We are so thankful to have found them when we searched “low cost IVF centers” on Google. We have beautiful twins because of it!"

Our fertility journey began in 2005 when we started trying to conceive but knew we had some potential obstacles to deal with even though I was only 23 years old.

After trying for a year, we had a lot of tests run at one of the other fertility clinics in Atlanta which revealed we were dealing with male factor infertility. At that point we confirmed that IVF would be our best option. This clinic charged $15,000, which was not affordable for us so we decided to put it off and just kept trying naturally. After 26 months, we actually conceived and had a beautiful baby boy in 2008.

When he was about 18 months old, we started trying again, went through the testing again and confirmed that we indeed were still dealing with male factor infertility, even though it had improved over the years. After trying for over two years, we searched Google for “low cost IVF centers” and happened to run across a blog that mentioned there was a low cost fertility center in Atlanta. We could not believe the price difference and feel like we were led to that blog and to the Massey website because it is so affordable. Everything fell into place from then on. We met with Dr. Massey and all agreed that IVF would give us a higher chance of success than inseminations. We had 11 mature eggs, 8 fertilized and we had 4 blasts. We transferred two and froze two. Both “took” and now we have beautiful twins. The awesome thing is that no shortcuts were used; it was full IVF treatment.

Throughout this trek, I think we visited every fertility practice in Atlanta at one point or another. When we found Dr. Massey, we immediately clicked with his laid-back personality and wonderful bedside manner. Between having a great feeling about our doctor and the price, we knew we were in the right place!

-Joanna & James

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