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I Never Married, So I’m a Single Mother by Choice

"My career didn't allow me time for serious relationships... On the second IVF cycle I got pregnant & now I have a beautiful little boy!"

I am a 46-year old single mom, thanks to Dr. Massey. My career as a veterinarian never allowed me the time for serious relationships, so I never had any children. Suddenly, when I was 43 years old, the alarm clock in my body got my attention and I knew that I wanted to have a baby. I have always had good health, so I thought it would be easy. But when I went to Dr. Massey, he was very real with me about the statistics for a woman my age. The bottom line? Not good. My egg reserve was very low and the quality of the eggs at my age was not good either. I decided I wanted to move forward despite having the odds against me.

Dr. Massey allowed me to go through one cycle of artificial insemination, which I insisted on because of my success in reproduction in animals as a vet. After that failed, he strongly recommended that we go straight to IVF because the success rates are so much better.

Going through infertility treatments is not an easy thing to go through, and as a single woman, without the support of a significant other, it was really hard. Even after I got the positive pregnancy test results, I was so scared I would lose the baby. Dr. Massey allowed me to come in for an ultrasound any time I needed reassurance. I appreciated how much he cared about me and about the outcome, always helping to put me at ease. He knew how important this was to me.

Since I had my son, I have moved back to Spain and I have re-prioritized my life to make more time for my personal life. I am so thankful for Dr. Massey. While going through infertility treatments is difficult, there IS hope! It is worth trying! I am so glad I didn’t give up on my dream of becoming a mom!


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