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Thank God, After All These Years, We Finally Found our Doctor!

"Dr. Massey was always so confident about going against all the odds we’ve had in our way to build our family. I will never forget his words: “Ok, ain’t gonna be easy BUT we are gonna make it happen.” Those words were music to our ears. Infertility sucks (we all know that!) and certainly there’s nothing else you want to hear than there’s hope and there’s always a way to make it happen."

We can’t put into words how thankful we are to Dr. Massey and his team for all they have done for us to make our dreams of parenthood come true. Since the moment we walked in and we had our first appointment we were like: Yes!! Thank God, after all these years we finally found our doctor!

This is not a massive practice where people won’t ever recognize you, let alone remember you and your problems. We knew in our hearts a place like that was not the right fit for us. Infertility is a very personal journey, and we felt right at home here because we were surrounded by people that really cared about us. CARE is something you will find here but also HOPE.

Dr. Massey was our hope to believe in and the light at the end of the tunnel to look for … and that LIGHT is one that we will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be thankful for. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to our beloved Dr. Massey, my sweet Dawn and Cecy, Ingrid and all the team. We can’t wait to bring in our rainbow baby ???? next year for you guys to meet! ❤️ God bless you always!

-J. Castro

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