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We Could Only Do IVF If It Was Affordable

"We were so blessed that our first IVF round worked! We had our little girl in April. She is an amazing gift and I thank Dr. Massey and his staff for giving her to us."

We tried to have a baby for seven long years and after losing both my fallopian tubes, IVF was our only hope. We only could do it if it was affordable and Dr. Massey‘s office was really the only one we found. But, don’t let the price fool you, he is very experienced. They truly want everyone to be able to have this amazing joy in their lives. We went and we never had to wait more than five minutes.

They do not present themselves like a lot of the huge offices I had heard about. They went along with my cycle for the most natural way possible – not pooling me together with others. Dr. Massey and his staff were so kind and understanding when listening to our history and issues. Dr. Massey is not a typical doctor. He is so kind and gentle and connects personally with his patients. He listened and addressed all our concerns. He even gave me his cell phone number when I was bleeding and scared I was losing the baby.

We hope to use our frozen embryo soon … praying our little girl gets a brother or sister! I would recommend Dr. Massey and his team to anyone going through infertility.

-The Brooks Family

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