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They Let Me Do Monitoring in My Home Town

"We were so excited and knew that this time it was going to work and it did! We now have a 5-month-old boy that we feel is our little miracle."

Our journey to start a family started shortly after getting married, except it didn’t come as easy for us as it should.

I found out that I had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which meant that I had trouble ovulating. The doctor suggested that I take Clomid and after several rounds I gave up on that option. I decided that it was time to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist to point me in the right direction. I went to a group in Atlanta and they said IVF would be the best option for me, so we started our first cycle in December 2011. The fresh cycle didn’t take at all, so we took a couple months off and tried a frozen cycle which took but miscarried a week later. We decided that we needed a break from it all, so we took about a year off.

We decided to go for a second opinion and visited Central Georgia Fertility in Macon, GA, and gave them my history, and Dr. Hawkins quickly decided an exploratory surgery was needed since that is about the only thing that hadn’t been done. After the surgery they informed me that I had stage 4 endometriosis and that my left tube had to be removed.

With all of this going on, they told me that IVF was going to be the best option again. Hearing this was hard because financially we were not willing to pay the full amount again, so I went online and found Dr. Massey’s practice.

They offered an affordable option about half the cost of the other fertility groups. I contacted the Atlanta office and they got in me in quickly. Within 6 weeks after my surgery, we started IVF again! The great thing about Dr. Massey’s office was that they allowed for me to have all of my monitoring at Central Georgia Fertility because it was closer for me and would be less stressful on me than having to drive to Atlanta every day. Fourteen days went by quickly and we had the egg retrieval … then waited 5 days for the embryo transfer then we had the 2 week wait. Except we couldn’t wait the full 14 days and took a pregnancy test, which showed a BFP (big fat positive) on day 10 after transfer.

I just wanted to say that Dr. Massey was so very thoughtful, he called shortly after having my son to check on us. He even wrote a sweet letter to my son and mailed it to us!! We have embryos left so we hope to use those soon. My husband and I are forever grateful for Dr. Massey in that he provided us with the opportunity to have a child and become parents!

Never give up on your dream of becoming a parent!!

-Maria S.

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