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We Got Married Later in Life

"I got married in my late 30s as many women do these days, never imagining that I would have fertility issues."

We found Dr. Massey and the low-cost fertility clinic AFTER we had already spent $35,000 at a full-price fertility clinic with no success and disappointment!

Throughout this process, I have found that so many women like me are simply unaware and uneducated about the reality of their fertility with what we consider to be a “normal” time to start a family in our generation, due to careers and/or getting married later in life. After several years trying to conceive, we knew we had to try IVF in order to realize the dream we had of having our own baby. We started out at a “well known” clinic that our friends recommended but after no success and all of our savings for IVF spent on one try/round, we realized that we didn’t have many options left. However, I had my dream so I remained determined. I will never forget the day we found Dr. Massey and we felt our prayers had been answered! After meeting with Dr. Massey and his wonderful team, I knew it was the place for us.

The new concept of low cost IVF is now giving so many women the opportunity to increase their chances of having a baby. A lower cost program with the same expertise as the groups with higher overhead allows you more opportunities to conceive. For so many evaluating IVF, it simply does matter if the treatment is affordable for your family. When you are looking at statistics and opportunities for success, if you can have two or three rounds for the price of one, it will most definitely increase your chances of having that baby you have always longed for and a potential to have another baby down the road. In addition to the financial benefit to your family, there are no words to describe the care, warmth, expertise and true partnership that Dr. Massey and his team offered to our family and to me, as the woman going through one of the most important processes of my life. They were always extremely responsive, available for my questions and calls and motivational. In short, they treated us just like family and I will always be thankful that I found them.

Being 43, many clinics would have discouraged a second attempt at IVF. For a long time, Dr. Massey has been using DHEA to improve outcomes in people like me. The best news is that since we got pregnant the first time we tried with Massey, we will be able to try again down the road!! If you are on this path and are struggling with what to do or where to go next, I encourage you to choose Dr. Massey as your fertility clinic and partner.

-Jennifer & Neil T.

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