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I Dealt with Years of PCOS & Endometriosis

"PCOS and endometriosis left me feeling like I was out of options. "

I’ve always lived by the statement, “Never put your faith in man, only in God” – however, after spending years with “my” beloved Dr. Massey I’ve realized that God has ordained people on this earth to restore faith and hope.

What Dr. Massey and Dawn do for their patients is immeasurable. After all of their years in practice, the relationship they develop with you makes you feel as if you are the only person that matters to them.

I dealt with years of PCOS and endometriosis, and after digging around I came across this practice. I admit I was desperate and I thought,“Why not try, everything else has failed me.”

My first fresh cycle failed, and I cried, but at that moment (through all the tears) I decided to let go and let God take over. Dr. Massey didn’t give up on me. He said “Well, I will just see you next month, we’ve gotta get you some babies.”

For my first frozen cycle … I will say I wasn’t as stressed or intimidated. I finally understood the importance of patience and having faith. After moving through this cycle, my two-week wait was finally up and I got the call that I was longing to hear!

Would I recommend Dr. Massey? 1000% yes! The hope they give you is worth every penny. Thanks to the Massey team I’m the proud mama of twin girls and my beautiful baby boy! Dr. Massey used his gift to give me three of the most perfect, precious gifts I could have ever dreamed for.

-R. Russell-Hughley

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