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The Other Clinic Told Us to Adopt

"We knew we did not want to go back to the same doctor, so we began looking for someone new. My wife was then 37. They offered the IVF process for almost half of what the previous doctor charged."

My wife and I started trying to conceive over eight years ago. Almost five years ago we went to our first fertility appointment. The fertility doctor explained that with all our problems we had a limited chance of conceiving even with ICSI/IVF (low sperm count/low motility, low egg quality/count and PCOS). The doctor went over all the percentages and was very discouraging about our odds. The doctor told us we should consider donor sperm, a donor egg and even asked us if we had considered adoption. We were told the cost for one or three cycles and knew there was no way we could afford the process at that time. We were extremely disappointed having lost our hope and felt pregnancy was out of our reach.

A year later we decided to follow up with the same doctor and see if there was any change. This time my complications had improved some but in the doctor’s view my wife had only gotten older. The doctor advised us to consider a donor egg, but also strongly recommended adoption. I remember my wife crying that day as we left the doctor’s office. What do you do when a fertility doctor gives you no hope? We left the doctor’s office thinking our IVF journey was over.

Dr. Massey discussed with us the challenges we faced, but never made us feel there was no hope or told us to consider adoption; he simply supported us trying. We were also very thankful for the support one of the nurses in the office, Dawn Cooke, showed us even when our chances looked poor.

The staff at both office locations were extremely kind and supportive. Shortly after we began the process my wife and I each got one year older but with their help we beat the odds and my wife gave birth to our son in January! We really could not say enough good things about Massey Fertility.

-Douglas C.

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