Who is a Good Candidate for Natural or Mini Stim IVF?

On this page, you will find short videos where Dr. Dourron explains if you are a good candidate for Natural IVF or Mini Stim IVF and addresses why your fertility doctor may not offer these options. He shares a story about a patient who had success with Mini Stim IVF after multiple failed cycles with Conventional IVF. For patients who only want one baby, there is a video especially for you.

Who is a good candidate for Natural IVF?

Women with diminished ovarian reserve, blocked tubes, or have certain types of cancer are excellent candidates for Natural IVF. Dr. Dourron explains why in this video. Also, women who are looking for a more holistic approach to trying to conceive, or only want one child may want to explore whether Natural IVF could be a solution for them.

Who is a good candidate for Mini Stim IVF?

Overstimulating the ovaries has a detrimental effect on the egg quality in many women, leading to a higher abnormality rate in the resulting embryos. Some of the women who are good candidates for minimal stimulation IVF:

  • have normal ovarian reserve
  • have PCOS
  • are between the ages of 35 and 42
  • who have failed with Conventional IVF

Why doesn’t my doctor offer Mini Stim IVF?

Dr. Dourron discusses the lack of understanding of these techniques. Doctors who have been practicing IVF for many years were not trained in minimal stimulation or natural cycle IVF techniques. Learn more about why they probably don’t offer it.

Hear about a patient who had success with Mini Stim IVF after 2 failed Conventional IVF cycles

Have you been told that your only option is to use an egg donor? Natural IVF and Mini Stim IVF may be an option to consider. Dr. Dourron shares the story of a patient who had 2 failed cycles with Conventional IVF. Despite the fact that she responded well to the IVF medications and they were able to retrieve a lot of eggs, the resulting embryos were not genetically normal. Then she discovered Mini Stim IVF. We hope that if you have had multiple failed IVF cycles or have been told you have no choice but to turn to an egg donor, that this will give you hope.

Natural IVF: a tailor-made protocol for just one baby

What if you only want one baby? If having a bunch of frozen embryos after you have completed your family is of concern to you, Dr. Dourron recommends seeing if you are a candidate for Natural IVF or Mini Stim IVF. This gentler approach produces fewer, but higher quality eggs.

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