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One and Done
One and Done

One and Done

Fertility doctors have a saying called “One and Done.”

The term “One and Done” means that a patient can complete her family with only one full IVF cycle because enough eggs were retrieved to allow for some embryos to be frozen for later use or because she had twins the first time and does not wish to become pregnant again.

We had a patient this week who had a singleton pregnancy as a result of her first IVF cycle and froze the rest of the embryos. She came back to do a frozen cycle with the remaining embryos and is now pregnant with twins, so this family is sure they are “One and Done.”

When the goal is to only go through one full cycle (with egg retrieval), it is an argument for using the gonadotropins to optimize the number of eggs and embryos in the first cycle. Approaches such as Minimal Stimulation or Natural IVF have their own benefits as well. For a patient who knows she only wants one child, those can also be excellent options.

To investigate these options for your “One and Done” opportunity, we invite you to contact us to make an appointment to learn more.

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